How to identify KOLs

KOL: Key Opinion Leaders, an expert whose opinion is valued in a specific industry or area of knowledge and is listened to by a broader audience. KOLs are individuals who are trusted and respected specifically for this knowledge.

KOLs can generally be categorized by their interests and how many subscribers/ views they have.

KOLs category:

- Technology (smart phone, gaming laptops, computers, vape, speaker..ets)

- Beauty (makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, skin care..etc)

- Lifestyle (exercise equipment, music equipment..etc)

- Health (muscle supplement, vitamins, hair care..etc)

- Travel and Activities (hotels, attraction tickets, airline bookings..etc)

KOLs number of followers/ views:

- Micro KOLs (5k to 500k )

- Macro KOLs (500k> to 900k)

- Mega KOLs (1mil >)

##Job Description##

- Conduct an interview/survey with the contacted leads
- Agreement of contacted leads
- Successful on board in Product link

##Minimum Target##

No. of leads: 120
No. of sign-ups: 28

- Must speak fluently in English and Mandarin/Cantonese