Job Description

  • Assist in monitoring and managing the Company’s budget to ensure all spending are within budget approved by the Board.
  • Prepare monthly cash flow statement and forecast cash requirements which includes monthly cash flow analysis.
  • Manages the operating funds of the Company including monitoring the budget spent by various departments and its returns on spent.
  • Improve the efficiency in payment processes leading to automation. This includes proposing hedging solution for the increase of bank fees and forex charges incurred.
  • Building and manage relationship with financial service providers to look for alternative funding.
  • Assist in publishers’ payments on weekly basis and update payments, to Involve Asia system and accounting system.
  • Assist in processing payments to other suppliers /vendors/statutory bodies, every fortnightly and record all payments to accounting system to respective entity of the Group.
  • Perform bank reconciliations for payments made, on weekly basis to check payments statuses and completeness of recording in accounting system.
  • Ensure all expenses are recorded and accrued for in accounting system before the closing of the month account.


  • Candidate must possess Degree in Accounting, Finance or equivalent
  • Strong ethic, integrity and accountability attitude
  • Computer literate and proficiency in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Possess a good work ethic with positive attitude and interpersonal skills
  • Independent and confident in dealing with internal and external parties